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Tsingmiao 2022
Careers Lab

May 16-18

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Tsingmiao 2022 : Careers Lab



Our ‘Tsingmiao’ event series is dedicated to supporting our students with their key career transitional phase, in and out of university. The ‘Tsingmiao: CareersLab’event, in particular, focuses on career introduction and skills development, assisting students with their progression from university life into workplace environments.

We recognise that this key transitional stage could be stressful and confusing, especially for our Chinese student community who face this in a somewhat unfamiliar cultural setting. Adding to the complexity, are the potential language barriers and the recent COVID impacts.To help our students navigate through this period of tension, we invite experienced personnel across a wide range of disciplines to attend our event, aiming to provide in-person meeting opportunities for our students to job-seek and discuss any career aspects that they are curious or concerned about.

From past results, we are pleased to see many of our inexperienced yet determined students have used this opportunity as a starting point for their own career advancement—some successfully obtained an internship, while others gained crucial knowledge and experience. In 2022, we aim to deliver a more enjoyable experience with ‘Tsingmiao: CareersLab’ and leave our participants with ever lasting benefits


Many of our students find it difficult to initiate their career advancement due to a lack of information, guidance and opportunities. Hence, we aim to provide a formal networking setting for our students to make connections, job-seek, and/or explore different career options during our ‘Tsingmiao: CareersLab’ event.

We also aim to provide the opportunity for our invited organisations to network with students of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds and connect with students who possess desirable talents and traits.

What is ‘Tsingmiao’

Tsingmiao in Chinese means ‘seedlings’, which symbolises youth and hope. We wish all our ‘seedlings’ could safely complete their journeys and eventually blossom with beauty and dignity.

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The event is open to the community and you are welcome to attend regardless of which school you come from and whether you have graduated.Students are advised to attend in formal or smart casual attire and to have their CV and Linkedin profile ready.Light catering and drinks will be served to the guests and there is no charge for this event.

May 16

Day 01.


Topic Talks



May 18

Day 02.


Organisation check-in &light catering provided


Student check-in


Event ends

Meet the


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In this warm-up activity, we invited Chinese Member of Parliament Chen Naisi to communicate with students.

Liudmyla Beraud


The speaker is from the Career Development and Employment Service (CDES) of the University of Auckland.

About Us

Who We Are

The Auckland University Chinese Student Society (AUCSS) is a student-led non-for-profit club aimed at enhancing students’ university experience, providing vast academic, social and volunteering opportunities. We offer our members a multitude of opportunities, enabling them to be one step closer to Chinese culture while simultaneously building a more comprehensive student network.

Our History

Dating back to 2014, when the club was originally founded, the club is now endorsed by the Consulate- General of the People’s Republic of China through extensive efforts by our core student committee. Our primary demographic is the Chinese student base at the University of Auckland and the extended Chinese community situated throughout New Zealand, but we welcome anyone with an interest in Chinese culture and society.

Our Vision

AUCSS strives to be one of the most active and involved Chinese student organisations at Auckland University. We intend to foster a tight-knit community around student support, helping students transition to university life, whether from high school or overseas. Our mission is also to promote informed understanding and allow students to explore different aspects of Chinese culture within the University of Auckland that they may not have previously been exposed to while also adapting to the New Zealand environment.

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